Comprar Croquetas de Queso de Cabra  con pipas y nueces sorprenden por su intenso sabor a queso de cabra, y el agradable granulado de las pipas y nueces.

Fried croquettes of goat cheese, sunflower seeds and nuts

Enjoy our Nova gamma croquettes already fried.

6,10  I.V.A. Incl.



fried croquettes of goat cheese, sunflower seeds and nuts



Goat cheese (milk), whole milk, wheat flour, butter (milk), onion, pipes (seeds), nuts, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper, natural spices, pasteurized egg, bread crumbs, (wheat flour, water, and yeast). For frying: extra virgin olive oil and sunflower.

Weight: 10 pcs. 25 gr.


Freezer: 6 months Temp -18 ° C

Fridge: 10 days Temp: + 1 / + 5 ° C


salteadoHeat 3 minutes in a pan without oil turning them.


horno-precalentado-200-3-minPreheat oven 3 minutes.

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1 kg (40 unidades), 250 gr (10 unidades)