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Nova Gamma is a craft company engaged in the production of Premium class pre-cooked dishes. The ready-made dishes stand out for their high quality because they are home-made, produced with extra virgin olive oil, at a very low temperature during hours with the aim of achieving intense flavours.
Nova Gamma pre-cooked dishes are produced with upmarket raw materials and merges the traditional and modern cuisine. Using vacuum cooking we offer outstanding results in flavours and greater healthcare guarantee with longer shelf life.

Valentín González - Gerente Chef de Nova Gamma

Chef Valentín Gonzalez

He grew up among bonfires, starting in the family restaurant and training in top Spanish restaurants as Bullí or smoked products workshop Carpier. Valentín Gonzalez has created Nova Gamma, the gourmet cuisine company, with the spirit of giving flavours of large productions and traditional dishes in the most natural way possible.